Frequently Asked Questions

Who may join ITU MAGNET?

ITU MAGNET welcomes start-up firms who established their commercial entities, technology-focused entrepreneurs and participants who aims to contribute to the start-up ecosystem in their respective fields.

What membership types are available?

There is a membership for 7/24 usage. This membership type covers two sub-types “Shared” and “Dedicated”. Shared seats are located at the center of the ITU Magnet, but it may not guarantee to find an empty seat occasionally. However, there are always alternative spaces in ITU Magnet to enjoy, like the (winter) garden, high-rise chairs, meeting docks or armchairs, while a shared-seats becomes empty for your use. Dedicated seats are dedicated to you namely. You will always find your seat available, 7/24 daily at ITU Magnet. Dedicated seats have dedicated lockers and cabinets next to your space. Whereas, shared seats may use a central locker with an additional subscription. The Evening and Weekend membership covers 7:00pm – 7:00am usage for workdays and the whole weekend.

What is the criteria of acceptance for membership?

İTÜ Magnet’s standard membership (the one open for 7/24) has been designed as a community of high-growth, high-potential start-ups. It aims to leverage their potential with mutual and collective support with the other relevant participants. Therefore, we expect the applicant start-ups to be commercially launched already, or hold great expectations. Applying start-ups need to be: - Finished their preparation and ready for market growth, - Commercialized or about to be commercialized, - Launched a high-growth potential product in its market, - Competitively superior with some intellectual property or trade secrets in their design, - Ready to participate and give-and-take in a collective environment, - Ready to enrich the social context of ITU Magnet. For every participant, we evaluate the application, on the basis of: - Number of existing participants with similar contribution potential to ITU Magnet, - The attitude and motivation of the applicant to contribute to the ITU Magnet community and increase its diversity, - References of similar contributions to the start-up ecosystem by the applicant before. For participant individuals, groups and companies, we expect the applicant to increase the diversity of ITU Magnet. Therefore, if there are similar participants already available in ITU Magnet, your application may be taken to a hold status, until some similar participants delist their membership.

What is the maximum scale of the service I can receive from ITU MAGNET?

The maxmimum limit for the standart membership for a start-up is 8 seats, for start-up teams without a legal entity is 4 seats, and participant individuals may get 1 seat, or participant companies may get 6 seats monthly. For a start-up, this maximum limit is 8 seats per start-up. Whereas, start-up teams without a legal entity may have a total of 4 seats. Participant individuals may get 1 seat or participant companies may get a maximum of 6 seats monthly.

How do you process the applications?

The applications are taken at the “APPLY NOW” links of our website. There are separate application forms for start-ups, entrepreneurs and participants. Please ensure that you are filling out the right form in your respective status. Than we screen the forms for proper applications and invite those who seems to be in line with the above criteria to pitch their application We expect applicants to present their application and how they are going to contribute to the ITU MAGNET community. After this evaluation, the successful applicants will be invited to apply the service contract to join and start using ITU MAGNET.

What services are included in the membership?

If you have a shared seat membership, you are eligible to use the specific zone of seats. However, in most busy hours, you may occasionally need to enjoy other parts of ITU MAGNET that are available for your service. Shared seat members cannot use dedicated seats, even if they are available. If you have a dedicated seat membership, you have a specific seat assigned to you with a corresponding cabinet and/or drawer with key locks. Regardless of the membership, every member of ITU MAGNET enjoys 7/24 office access, teleconference cabins, meeting docks, meeting rooms upon reservation, an event space, a pitching stage, high-speed Internet, a common kitchen, a micro-market for food and beverages, a garden for all seasons, copier & scanner & fax station, activities and seminar series. A number of lockers are also available to members for subscribing separately.

Can I declare ITU MAGNET as the official location of my company?

Only start-up companies on dedicated seat membership and angel investor networks with a track-record of start-up investment can sign a rental agreement with us and declare ITU MAGNET as their official location. Please remember that, this requires additional application and assessment and limited with the number of dedicated seats.

Can I have the tax leaves and other rights described in the #4691 Technology Development Zones Law of Turkey?

Yes. However, there are legal and technical requirements and a separate application process for that status. Therefore, you need to apply that separately. In such a case, your membership should be in or changed to the dedicated seat. If you already have #4691 application or respective technology project in place in ITU ARI Teknokent or elsewhere, please be sure to declare that in your initial ITU MAGNET application.

What are the working hours of ITU MAGNET?

The Standart members can use ITU Magnet 7/24. The Evening and Weekend members can use 7:00pm – 7:00am for workdays and the whole weekend.

Do you have office suites for dedicated use in ITU MAGNET?

No. ITU MAGNET have designed to create a joint community with minimum physical limits to enable the communication of its members to create mutual sharing and support. For your private meeting needs, we have 10 meeting rooms, 2 meeting docks and 2 teleconference cabins reserved for your dedicated use. If you need a dedicated office needs, please consider applying other locations of ITU ARI Teknokent.

How can I have may private phone calls?

For your phone calls and teleconferences, we have two teleconference cabins available. You may also consider using the cafeteria and the garden for all seasons. Please remember respecting others, when you use public spaces of ITU MAGNET.

May I have guests or visitors?

You can meet your visitors and guests at the meeting rooms, cafeteria, the garden for all seasons, meeting docks.

May I organize open events at ITU MAGNET?

Yes, you can organize events that are in line with the ITU Magnet’s mission. However, you need to receive approval from ITU ARI Teknokent Management with a written application that describes the content, objective and the scope of the event.

Do you have a place to buy/prepare food in/around ITU MAGNET?

You can use the micro market in ITU MAGNET (coming soon), the kitchen, the cafeteria of ARI 4 Building, other restaurants and food courts in ITU. While using ITU MAGNET kitchen, please refrain from food and related preparation that may create noise, smoke and smell to avoid disturbing others.

What can I do during my breaks?

There is a cafeteria in ITU MAGNET to have your tea or coffee and a nice & secured garden for all seasons. Additionally, you may also enjoy ITU campus by taking short walks and small walking tours.

How can I use the meeting rooms?

There are 10 meeting rooms available at ITU MAGNET. You can use them with prior reservation. Please note that a fair usage ceiling may be asked in the future to avoid excessive and improper private use of meeting rooms.

How can I protect my belongings at ITU MAGNET?

We have dedicated drawers and cabinets with a key lock for dedicated seats, and private lockers for shared seats. Please do not leave your items unattended, as ITU MAGNET is an open and shared community to respect the use and the security of others. Unattended items will be collected and secured regularly to make the shared space available for others.

How long may I stay as a member at ITU MAGNET?

The membership contract is two years with start-ups an done year for entrepreneurs and participants. The expiring contracts will be reviewed by the Application Evaluation Board for renewal or extension. ITU MAGNET members may cancel their membership anytime.

May I cancel my ITU MAGNET membership anytime?

Yes. You may cancel your ITU MAGNET membership anytime.

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